A New Attitude to Skincare


When we focus our attention on leading healthy lifestyles, we fuel our bodies with nutrients and food products that are as fresh, organic and as sustainably produced as possible. Eating for the health and sustainable-conscious is becoming far more readily accessible. But how do we approach our skincare? Just what are we putting onto our bodies and how many synthetic chemicals are sneaking into our beauty products? We cut out additives and processed foods, but how many of us are conscious of the unnatural substances in our skincare? With the rise of veganism and sustainability, there has been more of a drive towards organic, non-toxic and natural beauty products, but to what extent are we buying into this and how effective actually are they?

Photo by  Jernej Graj  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

As a nutritionist and herbalist, I have always been shocked by the number of toxic and unnatural ingredients in so many of our go-to skincare products and brands (no naming names!). Yet I was struggling with where to turn for natural skincare products that actually worked for my skin. Until I discovered Ringana!

Founded in 1996 by Andreas Wilfinger, Ringana provide sustainable, ethical, natural skincare and whole food supplements. They have developed a completely new departure in the area of skin care: skin care that is fresh. How do they achieve this? Their products have an expiry date - proof of absolute freshness. To ensure this, they use highly sensitive secondary plant protection substances, with absolutely no artificial preservatives or genetically modified raw materials. These standardised raw materials (whose high levels of active substances are verified) are intensive and therefore extremely effective.

Something that is also very important to me is that Ringana always act in an environmentally-friendly and ethical manner; from their purchasing of raw materials through to their vegan production and packaging return concept. I love the fact I can return the bottles once I am finished with them instead of throwing them away and feeling wasteful.

New to Ringana’s concept and not sure what to try out first? Don’t panic! There are some great starter kits for you to try and I have listed out my top recommendations below that will help you discover what Ringana has to offer.


FRESH sample box body

FRESH body milk, foot balm, hand balm

45 ml - € 12,80

The RINGANA FRESH sample boxes are an invitation to try our fresh skin care. The sample sizes fit in every handbag and show how big they really are when you use them – when you’re out and about or travelling, for example. Sample sizes at a reduced taster price are available on a one­off basis to those placing their first orders.


FRESH skin care set light

For pure well-being

330 ml - € 119,70

Your Fresh skin care set consists of two cleansing and two care products to suit your skin type and condition. The perfect basic care programme for daily beauty and wellbeing. For each care set, RINGANA will give you an organic cotton hand towel – the perfect Fresh gift for yourself or someone else.


FRESH eye serum

Eye serum

15 ml - € 39,10

The skin around our eyes is particularly thin and sensitive. Swellings and dark circles often appear as signs of stress and tiredness. FRESH eye serum has an instant refreshing, firming effect and helps reduce swelling.


RINGANA SPORT push trial size

Motivation boost

6 capsules - € 4,60

RINGANA SPORT push with natural caffeine is essential before sport. The unique formulation promotes the microcirculation of the blood while protecting the organism against free radicals.


FRESH tooth oil

Teeth and gums

125 ml - € 12,60

Effective oil-based tooth care: our FRESH tooth oil derives from the tradition of oil-drawing. This involves moving some oil around in the mouth and then spitting it out. The point of doing this is that the tooth oil binds bacteria in the oral cavity. RINGANA goes one step further, offering a tooth oil that replaces toothpaste.


PACK antiox

Cell protection

260 g - € 61,90

PACK antiox with water-soluble antioxidants supports the body’s own defences and protects cells against free radicals.

These are just a few of Ringana’s great products. Stay tuned for more of my recomendations and get in touch about what works best for you!