Best Ways To Set Your Goals


I am a firm believer in using the SMART approach when it comes to setting goals. This involves setting out my objectives and breaking these down into milestones for the year that are quarterly, weekly and daily.

Read on to discover how best to set goals that are realistic, achievable and will drive you on to success.

Be specific, be clear, and make sure your goals are written down and well-defined, in order to show direction.

TIP: Position your written goals in a place where you can see them every day to keep motivating you and to make you more conscious of them.

TIP: I’ve used the magic white board which is reusable and can stick to any surface.


Make sure you include precise dates so you can measure your progress, check if you’re on track, and if you’re not you can then change accordingly.

TIP: Tell a friend what you’re doing so they can check in on you from time to time and encourage you further.

TIP: Be prepared for obstacles as plans don’t always go to plan - adapt!


Make sure your goals are attainable! Ask yourself, can they be achieved? Don’t put yourself in a position where your goals are unrealistic and because it isn’t possible to achieve them, you are demotivated. Be realistic with your goals.

TIP: We’re all fearful of having public humiliation - so make a post on social media and tell people what you are going to do - making it public will drive you on to achieve your goals.

TIP: Try using the Sifu Strategy - find someone who has already mastered what you want to achieve and then get them to teach you the shortcut.


Keep your goals relevant - be sure to keep your goals aligned.

TIP: Write down what it is that you really don’t like doing so you can tackle it when needed - it will keep you focused and stop you from becoming inconsistent.


Make your goals time-bound - have set deadlines to keep you on track.

TIP: Reward yourself each time you have achieved something - don’t forget to acknowledge how far you have come and what you are achieving.


Try these goal-setting tips out now - it’s time to take action!

Photo by  STIL  on  Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash