Online Nutritional Assessment

This Online Nutritional Assessment is two nutritional assessments in one - a Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment and Antioxidant Assessment - in which you can learn the ways to improve your health and boost your happiness.

My aim is to support people in becoming the best versions of themselves, always. An integral part of our happiness, energy, and motivation stems from our nutrition. Yet, however conscious we are of the foods that we eat, sometimes it’s difficult to know what really is best for us, as unique individuals. Everybody is different. It would be naive to think we should all take the same dietary routines and nutritional advice. That’s where I can help you. My General Nutritional Assessment will get to the core of what you should be eating, to achieve the best results for your overall health.

For this General Nutritional Assessment, I will provide you with a comprehensive online questionnaire that has two assessments in one. After completing this, I will then be able to provide you with your results and you can make the necessary steps to living a healthy fulfilling life.


Looking forward to hearing from you