Aliya has developed 6 unique, customizable programs designed to help busy people take care of themselves. They cover 6 core solutions that busy people need to overcome their habit of pleasing other people and to start falling in love with taking care of themselves.


As a trained nutritionist, Aliya Jasrai offers consultative and bespoke nutritional advice to her clients.

After your consultation and assessment Aliya will suggest the best plan for you with various different options, including a simple nutritional plan, a well defined nutritional plan, and a holistic nutritional plan with coaching.

Prices vary depending on your plan, but rest assured, each will be bespoke and guide you to achieving optimum health, wellbeing and happiness.

If you are interested in a consultation, either via email, phone, or a face-to-face session, please do get in touch.

Discover some of Hayya Health’s NUTRITIONIST plans below


Online Nutritional Assessment

Do you want to discover optimum nutrition that works for you? Take an online questionnaire to find out.


Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment

Tailor a nutritional and wellbeing plan bespoke to you through one-to-one assessment.