Eating Awareness Coaching

Are you eating mindlessly or mindfully?

Do you want to break away from unhealthy habits and discover optimum nutrition, which actually works for you? My eating awareness coaching will guide you in finding peace with your food-choices, freeing you from body struggles and helping you discover solutions that are mindful, accessible and fulfilling.

My aim is to support people in becoming the best versions of themselves, always.

How do you approach food & nutrition?

  • Are you a yo-yo dieter?

  • Do you feel that you lack will-power? Do you struggle with committing to eating regimes?

  • Do you struggle to lose weight?

  • Do you feel deprived from what you can or cannot eat?

  • Are you an emotional eater? Do you self-sabotage? Do you agonise over your eating habits but don’t know how to change your routine?

  • Are you enduring other health challenges?

  • Do you have a sudden compulsion to eat unhealthily when you are feeling bored, feeling stressed, feeling frustrated, suffering from low self-esteem, wanting comfort, or experiencing anxiety?

Do you want to experience a better way of living, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and make better choices about the food that you eat? Let Eating Awareness Coaching help you. There are methods to heal your relationship with your food and body that are fun, effective and explore mindful-eating through self-care and self-love. We will discuss healing and eating techniques that are tailored especially to you, testing out ways that you can use to soothe yourself without the temptation to binge and comfort-eat. Learn how to break free from gruelling dieting cycles that destroy your will-power, and explore ways to transform your approach to food that are mindful instead.

How can you transform your approach to food & nutrition through Eating Awareness coaching?

  • Learn how to care for your body and mind.

  • Have greater awareness of your eating patterns and what results this will produce.

  • Gain clarity on what foods you should be eating.

  • Resolve mindless and emotional eating.

  • Reduce compulsive-eating in response to different triggers, such as boredom, stress, anxieties, late night eating, specific sights or smells.

  • Eat foods that you love, without the guilt or bingeing.  

  • Develop strategies that are sustainable for planning meals and enjoying them mindfully.

If you want to discover mindful-eating, self-care, and a new outlook on nutrition, I’d love to hear from you. Simply schedule a 30 minute complimentary free call with me and we can assess if coaching is a good fit for you.

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