About Aliya Jasrai

Aliya is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Master Herbalist and Self-Love Coach, and is currently studying for her CBT qualification.

Prior to launching Hayya Health, Aliya progressed in the corporate world, as a senior marketing professional at pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. She understands, therefore, the stresses and pressures of this corporate working-life, and wants to use her insights, experience, and expertise to help others achieve a hayya, more positive and balanced outlook and approach to their lifestyles.

Throughout her adult life, Aliya has been a regular sufferer of gut related problems such as IBS and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, brought about by stress and overexertion. Like many people, she spent years ignoring the problems. A major turning point came, however, when a former colleague and dear friend passed away from cardiac arrest due to poor lifestyle choices. It was then that Aliya felt it was time to make some changes and put her own well-being first.

Today, Aliya has made it her personal goal to help people feel internally and externally happy by living life as nature intended, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She encourages self-healing through personal care and self-love, and empowers others to live their best life without compromising on their health and happiness!  

Aliya’s aim is for Hayya Health to empower, inspire, educate and motivate others through events, workshops, and articles. She also provides individual self-love coaching sessions. These consultations offer bespoke nutritional help via online communication or face-to-face sessions.